Windows 8 – Administrative Tools – Component Services

September 7, 2012

How to Launch It

Control Panel Way

  • Open “Administrative Tools” applet from the traditional Control Panel.
  • Launch “Component Services” from the list of administrative tools.

Command Way

  • Invoke Run window or Search Charm. Select the Settings tab in case of Search Charm.
  • Type in the command “comexp.msc”, and hit Enter.

Display Structure

Component Services is visually divided into 3 panes.
  • The leftmost tree pane hosts a hierarchy of COM+ applications and objects.
  • The middle pane describes the selected item in the tree pane.
  • The rightmost Actions pane lists commands related to the selected item in the tree pane, as well as any selected item in the description pane.
The node of your computer in the tree pane lists four main folders.

COM+ Applications

All the COM+ apps installed in your computer are listed here hierarchically. This is the node where you can add new or remove installed COM objects. Also, you can modify the properties of COM+ objects here.

DCOM Config

Here you can configure security permissions and authentication level for individual COM applications. There is no hierarchy here; all the applications are located directly under the folder, instead.

Running Processes

The COM+ applications that are running currently get a place under this node.

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

This node features transactions that happen between COM applications of different network computers. It branches into two nodes – Transaction List lists the current transactions, while Transaction Statistics, as implied by the name, displays statistical data like speed, response time, etc., for the transaction]]>

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