Windows 8 Administrative Tools – Windows Memory Diagnostics

How to Launch It

Control Panel Way

  • Open “Administrative Tools” applet from the traditional Control Panel.
  • Launch “Windows Memory Diagnostics” from the list of administrative tools.

Command Way

  • Invoke Run window or Search Charm. Select the Settings tab in case of Search Charm.
  • Type in the command “MdSched”, and hit Enter.
The window launched lists only two options –
  • Run the tool right now. The system will reboot if you select this. So save all your work before selecting this.
  • Run the tool at next system boot. This will schedule the tool to run when you start your system next time.
This tool works at system startup, and works in an environment similar to that of DOS. The tool will start the diagnosis immediately after reboot. Basically, it runs a set to test on your RAM stick. If all the tests pass successfully, then your RAM is good to go. If your RAM can’t pass all the tests, then it means you will need to repair or replace it.

Advanced Options

Memory Diagnostics provides some advanced options to change the way it will run the tests. In order to invoke the screen containing these options, hit “F1” when the tool starts. You can configure following three settings.
  •   Set of tests – You can choose one of the 3 sets – basic, standard and extended. Each set contains different types of tests.
  • Cache Status – You may enable or disable the RAM cache during the tests. The default option is to enable the cache.
  •  Pass Count – Specify how many times you want to run the selected set of tests.

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