Windows 8 and a focus on PC gaming?

TechRadar posted yesterday that Microsoft has plans for Windows 8 which include a push to gain back the PC gamers.

Many PC gamers feel slighted that the PC has taken a backseat in the gaming world.

Sources tell TechRadar that “Windows 8 will represent a real new push into PC gaming…Gaming will be a key component for the whole OS.” This also partially explains Microsoft’s acquisition of former Voodoo PC’s founder, Rahul Sood.

Microsoft’s console sales during 2010 were particularly strong, with research group NPD reporting that the software giant had sold 34 percent more Xbox 360 units than in 2009.

Microsoft also recently announced that sales of its Kinect accessory had topped 2.5 million, halfway toward the 5 million the company expects to sell by the end 2010.

Perhaps then, this gaming push could be deeper integration of the kind of features found on Microsoft’s Xbox Live platform, something that PC gamers can now get a taste of–though not without first downloading and installing client software.

Taking that extra step out of the process, and building that interactivity in at a system level could certainly go a long way toward giving gaming a higher profile.


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