Windows 8 and Android Apps: A Match Made in Heaven?

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When it comes to Windows 8 and Windows RT in the enterprise, there are quite a few reasons why you should firmly consider adopting Windows 8 tablets and PCs over those running on the ARM-based RT.

The biggest case for Windows 8 over RT?

1) Legacy app support means all your businesses customized desktop applications can still work nicely with your new tablet/PC/convertible.
2) Windows 8 is more flexible and more open than Windows RT.
3) There are more touch-optimized applications that can work with Windows 8.

You might be scratching your head at this last statement. After all, Windows 8 and Windows RT both feature the new Start UI and all the Windows Store apps, right? You are correct.

One big difference is that Windows 8 also supports BlueStacks. For a business that has a mixed mobile atmosphere, this could be an important difference. Over the last several months, BlueStacks has grown quite a bit and many Windows 8 devices are rolling out with the technology pre-installed.

What Exactly is BlueStacks?

For those that aren’t in the know, BlueStacks is a special software/emulation layer that is now optimized to work with over 750,000 Android apps (or so they claim).

Many companies have partnered to bring the technology to Windows including AMD, Asus, MSI and now Lenovo. Lenovo is arguably one of the most aggressive Windows 8 vendors out there right, constantly innovating and giving us new hardware.

Now many Lenovo devices will also pack Android app compatibility in by default. Even if you don’t go with a Lenovo, Asus, MSI or AMD partnered device, BlueStacks can also be installed in any Windows 8 device as an aftermarket option.

What BlueStacks can bring to the tablet for enterprise users

Windows 8’s App Store is growing, but there are many kinds of business-related programs that aren’t there yet. Sure, with Windows 8 you have the desktop to fill in the gaps, but many of these desktop apps will need a keyboard and mouse hooked up to make the most of them.

Adding K&M is fine when you are in the office or at home, but in taxi cab or on the plane it might be a little more difficult. Having half a million Android apps there to fill these gaps can make Windows 8 an even more productive environment.

If your employees also own Android smartphones, this could equally be useful.

Have you tried BlueStacks out? What do you think of it, does it have business potential in your opinion or do you think it is best left for use by everyday casual consumers?

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