Windows 8 And Internet Explorer 10 Set To Get Critical Updates

Microsoft Security Bulletin page was just updated with news of the looming updates, saying that the updates will go live on December 11, 2012. Oh, and in case you are wondering, Windows RT users are not to be left behind — they will be getting two different updates, both marked ‘critical’. Here’s hoping they fix many of the software glitches for Windows RT that have been reported in the past two weeks and driving Surface RT users to the brink of madness. Okay, I may have made the last part up. Finally, and quite unusually, a critical flaw for Microsoft Office is also set to get a fix, which is a tad peculiar, as Office does not often get critical updates like these. Signs are pointing out a bug squash most likely aimed for Microsoft Outlook. We will keep an eye out for details on these updates and what they fix, the moment they show up.]]>

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