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Windows 8 and Touch Screen PCs


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  1. Being the owner of a touch screen Windows 8 PC I can assure you that article was very bad and that you are making false assumptions. For example you claim that copying and pasting in Metro is hard or harder. This is completely false. You highlight the text and long press your finger or right click the text to be given the option of cut/copy/paste. How the hell is that “harder in Metro”??? There is literally no difference from any previous version of Windows with respect to copy paste.
    Also tapping a tile brings up the app instantly just like iOS or Android. You do not move apps by long pressing, instead you slide your finger up or down the tile to select it for editing. It is different than iOS but arguably a superior design since it allows you to select multiple tiles to edit at one time while iOS only allows you to work with one app icon at a time.

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