Windows 8 – App Highlight: Dictionary

Beyond quote of the day, word of the day, and searching for words, I really like that there is a simple to use pronunciation button for almost every word. This really can come in handy. So’s app certainly isn’t something revolutionary, but it is handy and is ALMOST exactly what I’d want out of Metro reference apps. What could be better? I think less confusing integrated search, instead of using the charm search, would be a good place to start. I am really wondering what kind of tutorial system Microsoft will have running for Windows 8. I hope it is a smart one that isn’t too obtrusive but at the same time doesn’t abandon less technical folks to figure out the many different kinds of app navigation and search systems out there. I realize MS has to allow app makers some flexibility, but I really get sick of the tossing back and forth between perfectly minimalist apps that need few-to-no clicks and then the apps that try to hide everything through hidden browsing menus or just make you guess at how they work. Still, in reality I prefer the flexible approach that Microsoft allows instead of a completely locked down set of rules, which is what Metro probably would be more like if it was made by Apple. Again, this is only one man’s opinion. What kind of apps do you like in Metro? Those that have simple functions and minimal clicks or those that many have a little more substance crammed in but have hidden menu systems to make these functions work? Share your thoughts below.]]>

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