Windows 8 App Highlight: Gaana

Still the app is not perfect. There are few things that I would like to be fixed. One of them is Live tile. This is one of the biggest disappointment that this app has a static tile. So it does not display any info about the song that is being played or any new album released. I would really love to see this app with a live tile making my start screen look more beautiful than ever before. Also this app does not supports creating an account so that one can roam his favourite songs and albums on all Windows 8 PCs. This is one of the most essential features, I feel a music app should have. The app does not supports share contract, So if you are listening to any album and want to share it with your friend you cannot do that. Overall this is a very good app specially for Indian users who would like to listen Bollywood songs online. Still I would love to see some changes in the app such as the introduction of live tile, adding account features etc. Also I would like to see more apps which support playing Hindi Bollywood songs in the store soon. Have you tried the Gaana app? What do you feel about it?]]>

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