Windows 8 – App Highlight: Vimeo

Daily Motion’s app for Windows 8 Metro. It was laid out simply, with a very solid Metro styling to it. There was little need for multiple clicks and overall it was a fine example of what video sharing apps could look like in the future with Metro. And then there is Vimeo. Like with Daily Motion, I’ll start with a screenshot of the browser based version of this file-sharing site. The difference here though, is that with Daily Motion I make the shots to show you how the Metro version just looked beautiful and easier than the browser version. In Vimeo, I did it to highlight a very important missing feature I’ll talk about in a moment. Here we have Vimeo. It’s not a bad looking app at all, but there is no easily noticeable ‘search button’, something found prominently displayed in the top right corner on the Daily Motion app, and easily to get to on the browser version of Vimeo, as well. So I figured I’d right-click and be treated to a few missing features. No dice. Unless I’m really missing something here, search was apparently left out. This essentially makes Vimeo a nice looking tech-demo but largely useless when it comes to really wanted to browse Vimeo video uploads from here. Unless they really don’t have an interest in doing things right with Metro, I suspect this should change by the time a ‘real’ version arrives with the final Windows 8 product. Still, you have to wonder how hard it would have been to program a simple search button and script into this app.]]>

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