Windows 8 Apps – What Do You Want To See From Day One?

Skype For the most part, Skype is now variable for several Windows Phone handsets (though not all), but it took a while. From day one, Skype needs to be there. This will make a good impression on business tablet users and casual video chatters, alike. I would simply say Skype or a Skype-like experience, but considering this program belong to Microsoft  it’s probably a pretty safe bet we will see it sooner or later.. hopefully from day one.

Virtual Assistant App

On the iPhone, Siri has made a huge impact. Many users ditched their perfectly good iPhone 4 in order to upgrade to the 4S and get Siri. Microsoft needs to understand that the ability to have a virtual assistant matters and having one from the first day of launch will really help.

Social Apps

We already can pretty much bet on some of these like Facebook and Twitter, since we’ve already seen them in one form or another with the Consumer Preview. Microsoft seems to understand the importance of the social crowd, and so this is pretty much a shoe-in for first day existence.


For those who don’t know, Zune is getting a makeover, in the form of Xbox-branded “Woodstock”, as it is currently code-named. Having a solid media rental/streaming service is important for any tablet device. It is very likely that this Xbox-branded service will actually have more announced about it at the upcoming E3 video game conference event this June.

Key Games

Cut The Rope was in the Consumer Preview, so that’s awesome. Microsoft seems to get why this matters, and so you can pretty much expect gaming to play a big role. This will include Microsoft Xbox features and integration too, as we’ve already started to see.


Consumer Preview had Slacker Radio, and this is a good start. I really hope to see Pandora from day one. Alright so these are just a few to help us get started talking about the most essential DAY-ONE apps for Windows 8/RT. I know I’ve probably missed some pretty big ones, feel free to add to the list through a blog post below or just share your thoughts about apps in Windows 8/RT in general.]]>

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