Windows 8 Boot Screen: Faster and Trendier

September 27, 2011

What does the new boot screen offer? The new boot screen consists of a graphical user interface that is displayed on a metro style blue background instead of the Stone Age boot screen. The boot screen is loaded during the startup process and all versions of Microsoft have always featured a boot screen. The boot screen of Windows 8 will be based on Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. The UEFI is sandwiched between the platform and the operating system as it provides a more sophisticated and secure method over the BIOS framework. UEFI can overrun any old BIOS implementations. BIOS is the software that sets up the hardware whenever the PC is started, it identifies and initializes the video card display, mouse, keyboard, optical disk drive and other system devices. The Startup process When you start your PC using the Windows 8 OS, you will first notice a version of your manufacturer’s logo. What you don’t notice is that the actual OS boot procedure has already begun. You will not notice any text based console messages. This is done so as to provide a smooth transaction for the user to the all new windows Boot screen. If the device is configured to have multiple operating systems of windows, new boot will provide you with an option to choose which operating system you would like to work on. The new metro user interface boot menu of Windows 8 is even touch sensitive, you are provided with an onscreen keyboard for command prompt options in the boot menu. Along with multiple OS choices, you can even choose other options like booting in to command prompt. The display icons of these options are large in size and simple. With the use of UEFI machine, the Windows operating system is even capable of communicating with other boot options available on the machine such as a CD drive or a USB flash drive. For instance if a USB flash drive is connected to the machine the Windows 8 boot screen displays it. Thus, you can avoid going through various menus to boot your USB flash drive. It is directly possible from the boot screen metro interface itself. The system options for windows recovery is also displayed along with the UEFI boot options. The command prompt option allows you to reboot into the Windows recovery environment. The windows recovery environment also boasts of the new graphical user interface thus providing the user with a very cohesive and dynamic experience not only in the entire operating system but also in the recovery environment. If a faulty driver was installed previously, you can remove it before you even boot into your operating system by using the command prompt in the windows recovery environment in the new boot screen itself. Thus you can complete the task of repairing or deleting that faulty driver before your OS boots. Windows 8 aims at being fast and fluid operating system. The boot time is rapidly fast and the user can enjoy a very trendy experience.]]>

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