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that problem and found a little article on my exact problem. It explained a registry edit to allow you to scale your monitor’s resolution higher. I made the edits, restarted, and sure enough, I could now make my resolution normal. Of course it seemed that something was a little off with the screen, but I was just happy that I could run Metro apps. Finally, this bug might actually be related to the first bug I mentioned, but it still really annoys me. Whenever I wake my computer up from sleep, I go through the log in process and it loads and then nothing happens. There is just a green screen. At first I thought that there was no way to get out of the green screen, but then I figured out that all you have to do is press the “Windows” key on your keyboard. It takes you right back to the Start screen. Even though there is an easy way out of this bug, it is still annoying. It always seems to happen when my computer goes to sleep while there is an open Metro Internet Explorer. That is why I think it might be related to the first bug where Internet Explorer quits on me. Overall I think the Windows Developer Preview is great for a developer preview, but needs some improvement. Source]]>

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