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September 13, 2011

I’ll add photos later… Sinofsky is on stage. He is talking about Windows 7 – 450 million licenses More consumers now use Windows 7 than Windows XP. He is saying Touch is addictive, once you use the touch interface, you’ll be hooked.. What is Windows 8 – everything that was great about Windows 7 made better… Windows 8 demos are equally at home on ARM and X86. The areas for focus today..

  • Windows 8 UI
  • How to build Metro style
  • Apps form factors etc
  • How it all connects to cloud based services with Windows Live
He is showing an older netbook running Windows 8. Using 281 megs of memory. Showing how light it is… Julie Larson Green is introduced and she logs in to Windows 8 with cool touch gesture Start screen is a unification of launch screen, programs and utilities in one place.. She is showing tiles and patterns.. you can name a group of tiles, move and pinch and rearrange the tiles… She’s showing off changing her lock screen and using a webcam to take a photo of a toy and then using it for her lock screen photo. Socialite is the new popular social networking app from Microsoft. The screens look cool. LOL Sinofsky takes a swipe at Chrome. – “I dont think anything is better than a completely Chrome free browsing experience” Charms are the items on the right hand side that enhance the application. Friendsend is a new charm that allows you to send snippets of an application swiped from a browser to your friends.. Photo Feedr – new Microsoft app that allows sharing of photos… New Metro style look and feel is going to be very interesting.. it looks very cool but it’s very different from what you are used to. They just showed settings being synced between several desktops and ARM based tablets… Julie is gone now… How do we BUILD apps? Showing current platform HTML, JavC, C++, etc WinRT – 1800 different objects to build apps. Metro will support XAML, HTML/CSS/JS/C/C++/ C#/VB About to build an App Antoine Leblond (SVP WebServices) is going to build an app. Demoing new version of Visual Studio. He’s building an app called Photodoodle.. The script he’s building is in HTML 5 with all the associated Javascript css etc… Pretty cool. He wrote very little code and is able to use Photodoodle to access photos from his computer and sharing them with his friends on Facebook. Now he wants to make it look Metro style. He’s moving to Expression Blend. Expression Blend now does stuff with html and css as well, not just XAML. The app store looks really cool and seems to make it easier for developers to develop, sell and market their applications. Very cool and intuitive… The store is also very flexible in terms of licensing and will not impose any new licensing requirements on developers and their apps.. Get used to the phrase “Metro style apps” – definitely the new buzzphrase… Developing apps is going to be really cool and easy. The flexibility of the app development at first glance looks amazing.. Exit Antoine. Apps will run across all the hardware that Windows 8 supports x86/64/ARM Enter Michael Anguilo CVP Windows Planning and Ecosystem. UEFI is introduced to the crowd. Fast boot up across tablets and PC’s… ARM new low power state – connected standby… amazing idling… it idles and then ramps up when needed and then ramps down when closed. REALLY FAST… Intel making progress on low power systems…shows Intel tablets… They are showing usb 3. Windows 8 is built across a hardware accelerated platform…all graphics are accelerated… Metro runs on 1024×768 and above. cool look at NFC CONFIRMED – WE’RE ALL GETTING TABLETS! Windows 8 Build 8102.winmain_win8m3.110830 I am signing off now.. look for wayy more later today…]]>

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  • You can watch the keynote live @

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  • Can you put a video up of you doing a tablet review? thanks!

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  • Thanks for your this post, i keep watching the new progress. xxx

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