Windows 8 Business Appeal Said To Be A Third Of Windows 7

Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 8 sales number were very much in line with what its predecessor pulled off. But apparently one area where the company’s flagship OS seems to be lacking is the business sector.

As we already covered a few days back, Microsoft celebrated 60 million Windows 8 licenses sold.

But according to a new survey by Context, the enterprise channel has raked up only 10 percent of sales of Windows 8 in the UK by the end of December last year. Windows 7 business sales already accounted for around 33 percent in the same time frame.

The survey results (published by CRN) show that a lot of businesses in the UK don’t feel the need to upgrade to Windows 8 after they installed Windows 7. As Marie-Christine Pygott, a senior analyst over at Context noted:

“The general feedback we got from the enterprise space is that the upgrade cycle has just finished and there is just not the need to upgrade like there was with Windows 7. After Vista, [businesses] were waiting for a new OS and were keen to get going, but this is just not the case with Windows 8.

[Windows 8] will find its way into the business space, but we think it will take time. We are not surprised by the low uptake, we expected this, but penetration is quite a bit lower [than Windows 7].”

No surprises here, considering how polished and stable an operating system Windows 7 is.

For a home user, making the move to a newer version of Windows is a bit of task itself. But businesses large or small, have to take a lot of things under consideration before they book their flight — things like hardware and software compatibility, networking, training (and most importantly) security.

As much emphasis Microsoft has put on security these past few years, the universal appeal of the Windows operating system means that it is always under the prying eyes of cybercriminals.

More numbers and figures will definitely show up in the coming months, but for now it seems that Microsoft already has its work cut out when it comes to convincing business to make the move to its latest operating system.

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