Windows 8 Coding Marathon Brings Together 10,000 Students

Redmond’s officially started an AppFest coding marathon in India, this time with a goal to bring together ten thousand students from all across the country for an extended coding session.

Late last week we reported that Microsoft had invited Indian app developers to create apps for its Windows 8 platform. The idea behind this is simple — Microsoft wants to show everyone how simple it is to develop apps for its newest operating system.

The company invites young developers in various countries as part of a full day-long marathon.

And according to Business Standard, the software titan managed to draw even more enthusiasts as the event went on in 45 Indian cities (in 18 states). Microsoft declared at the start of this event:

“An average of 250 students from each college contributed to the total number of 10,000 participating students. The tremendous response amounts to over 60,000 collective hours of coding. An estimated total number of 3,000 full apps were imagined and created during the one-day code-a-thon.”

3,000 new apps is an impressive number considering the resources and time available.

Microsoft will be hoping the enthusiasm and interest in coding apps for Windows 8 continues on an uphill curve from here. The company also offered students free software — Visual Studio Express for Windows 8 —as well as Windows Store registration codes.

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