Windows 8 Control Panel – Programs – Default Programs

How to Launch It

  • Open the traditional Control Panel through the Start Screen or using the Run Windows command “control”.
  • Select “Category” view for Control Panel.
  • Select “Programs” category. This opens a new page containing the subcategories.
  • Select “Default Programs”. This will launch the applet on the same control panel page.

Default Programs

Set your default programs

This option works in the context of programs. It lets you select file types for a specific program which will open with this program. On selecting a program, the applet shows the number of file types for which this program can work as default. You can either make the program as default for all the file types or choose specific file types. The above image lists all the file types that Paint program can open. You can select all or specific file types for Paint.

Associate a file type or protocol with a program

This option works in the context of file types. You can choose a program for a specific file type to work as default. To select a default program for a file type, select the file type and click on “Choose program”. This will launch a pop up window that lists several programs. It also provides option to search for a program online or on local PC.

Change AutoPlay Settings

This option lets you select what program Windows should automatically open when an external device like optical discs, pen drive, hard disks, etc., are connected to PC.

Set Program Access and Computer Defaults

There are several activities for which PC is used more frequently – web browsing, e-mail, media player and instant messaging. Windows provides three pre-defined configurations that set default programs for these activities.
  • Microsoft Windows – This configuration sets Microsoft programs as default.
  • Non-Microsoft – This configuration uses currently set default programs.
  • Custom – You can select Microsoft or non-Microsoft programs to use as default programs.

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