Windows 8 could just be a Service Pack for Windows 7

The other day I read an article that raised the possibility of something that I hadn’t considered for Windows 8.

Maybe Windows 8 could simply be a Service Pack for Windows 7.

While that may (on the surface) sound outlandish, when you think about it , it may not be that bad of an idea.

Windows 7 has been well received and the mass migration from Windows XP and Windows Vista has clearly begun.

Windows 7 is widely regarded as the best operating system that Microsoft has released to date.

So far, there haven’t been substantial complaints about the quality of Windows 7 and while there is always room for improvement, most people (myself included) would have a hard time finding a lot of things that could justify the development of a completely new O.S.

In addition, like I mentioned in my last article, the corporate world needs time to perform enterprise wide tech refreshes and time for those new installs/upgrades to settle.

The cycle of innovation mandates that a new improved version of a piece of software should be based on improving substantial flaws in the previous version.

There are not that many substantial flaws in Windows 7 yet.

Another way to go would be to look at the O.S. cycle as a 4 to 5 year cycle and incrementally release Service packs in the interim.

Windows 8 could then be a major SP for Windows 7 and the next major version of Windows could be called something different.

Just a thought..

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