Windows 8 development is being guarded like Fort Knox

This made me laugh out loud.

Win7China is basically saying the following (translated):

To date, Microsoft hasnt had any version of Windows 8 leak (including the M3, M2, M1, Windows 7 Post-RTM).

Even in the Microsoft Windows 8 development department, not everyone can use the full version of the latest build.

Team and departments work in silos and from time to time , the build is compiled but access to the compiled build is very very guarded

In addition to that security, the existing version has embedded in it a variety of technical measures to prevent leakage (some people should know Timebomb, the concept of Security hash, each version used in the version which will generate a special character string value, etc. ).

Now within Microsoft, if you are using the latest version of Windows 8, when you log into Windows 8 you must also use a SmartCard to verify your identity. This is why there havent been any major leaks..

So Win7china is saying that we will have to wait for the Windows 8 Beta version.

Source: Win7china

My take: That’s all well and good but as long as developers are human beings and can send in their tips and cell phone photographs, there will be leaks.

Leaks are also part of the cat and mouse tradition we have with Software vendors to keep them on their toes and for them to get feedback on whether something that is being proposed is a good idea or something that will suck.

It is what it is, not an endorsement – it just is what it is…

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