Windows 8 Development: MPIO and Storage CDB

Lets go through some of the interesting clips from Steven Chapman’s Windows 8 article

This was interesting

Worked on test tools/automation development for various core storage features of Windows 7 and Windows 8, including MPIO and storage CDB fuzzer.

MPIO and Storage CDB fuzzer eh?

What’s MPIO?

For those not in the know, multipath I/O is a fault-tolerance and performance enhancement technique whereby there is more than one physical path between the CPU in a computer system and its mass storage devices through the buses, controllers, switches, and bridge devices connecting them.


Multipathing, the ability of a system to use more than one read/write path to a storage device, is a high availability solution that provides fault tolerance against single-point-of failure in hardware components. Multipathing can also provide load balancing of I/O traffic, thereby improving system and application performance.

What’s Storage CDB?

The SCSI Command Descriptor Block (CDB) is a block of information that describes the command.  Commands are sent from SCSI Initiators, which are contained in host computers, to SCSI Targets, which are controllers of some type of storage device (hard disk, tape drive, etc.)


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