Windows 8 Doing Pretty Dandy In The Asia-Pacific Region

While Microsoft releases sales figures for Windows 8 whenever they cross important milestones, the real world adoption of Microsoft’s latest OS is still termed as unsatisfactory by many analysts.

But one region that is putting a smile on Microsoft’s face is Asia-Pacific.

According to Alvaro Celis, the vice president of Microsoft Asia-Pacific, the company is quite delighted with how things are shaping up. Even though, still, no official figures were provided.

That’s not to say the OS did not have a slow start there. In fact, the first 80 odds days were somewhat lackluster, but business is finally picking up. Talking to Vietnam Investment Review, Alvaro said:

“Traditionally, our Asia-Pacific customers are amongst the earliest adopters of new technologies. They are especially interested in the latest computing devices such as ultrabooks, tablet PCs and hybrids, as well as exploring new and exciting experiences like touch-based computing. I am pleased to say that the same is true for Windows 8, we are delighted with the uptake in the region so far.”

So there you have it — a confirmation straight from the source that Windows 8 is finally gathering some much needed momentum. Which is, in many ways unsurprising, considering that more and more devices make their way to the market powered by Microsoft’s latest OS.

Do keep in mind that if you are yet to make the move to Redmond’s latest and greatest, Microsoft’s special price campaign for Windows 8 is set to expire at the end of the month.

If you plan on migrating to Windows 8, you can avail the exceptional upgrade price of $39.99 until January 31, as opposed to the regular price of $119.99.

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