Windows 8 Enterprise – How to Determine the Total Cost of Ownership for Windows 8 It talks a little bit about how to strategically determine the total cost of ownership for Microsoft’s newest Operating System – Windows 8. An excerpt: Many IT organizations use Total Cost of Ownership or TCO analysis to determine the economic value of new technology deployments. Windows 8 as a new platform is no different, requiring organizations to look at all the hardware, software, operational and long-term ramifications of deployment. Let’s make two guiding statements to get started;

  • There are some unknowns with a TCO analysis for Windows 8, due to the newness of the technology. There is more uncertainty than with a Vista to Windows 7 migration, as the user paradigm, interface, and device spread is very different.
  • The TCO analysis will vary dramatically between companies based on their current PC and server platforms.  For example, a recent Windows 7 firm will likely have different results from a Windows XP firm.
Having said that, what would the outlines of a Windows 8 TCO analysis look like and how would they differ from prior versions of Windows? Read More…    ]]>

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