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Kikoriki cartoons! Everyone find something good and funny in this app. These cartoons are about Kikoriki – funny and kind friends. Do you want to meet with Kikoriki? The are so funny! Life’s a ball in Kikoriki — a place where everyone counts on the improbable and depends on the impractical; a land where you can turn snores into energy, order your dreams before bed, sail to the edge of the Earth, and even get a perpetual chocolate maker as a birthday gift! Meet Krash the Rabbit, a blue ball of energy always ready to jump into adventure with his cautious companion, Chiko the Hedgehog. There’s Wally the Ram, a purple poet in search of inspiration from his unrequited love, Rosa the Pig, a true fashionista. When there’s a problem in need of an inventive solution you can always count on Pin the Penguin’s engineering genius to make the simple complex. And if it’s unsolicited advice you’re after, look no further than Olga the Owl, a wise old granny full of zip, and her pal, Carlin the Crow, a born entertainer and legend in his own mind! Yes, you could say that the world of Kikoriki is a lot like the world of Winnie the Pooh — if the Hundred Acre Wood had a submarine, a soccer field, a science lab, ping pong tables, computers, a hot air balloon, a baby robot, skateboards, and a disco that is!


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  • Link to:  Kikoriki
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Entertainment
  • Age Rating:  3+
  • Developer:  Marmelad Media

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