Windows 8 Final Review – Introduction and Disclaimers

I (obviously) don’t speak for Microsoft. Despite the domain name, this site is in no way affiliated with Microsoft and my feelings about this product are in no way influenced by any direct or indirect contact from the company.

I own and use several Apple Products

I have an iPad 3, an iPhone, a MacBook Pro, an Apple TV Box and will probably buy the next big thing from Apple. I like their stuff but am not an advocate. Does that affect my opinion of Windows 8? Probably in a subconscious manner but no more than the average consumer.

I want Microsoft to succeed

I have spent almost 3 years building this site and have substantial ad revenue lined up from (very) major advertisers who are waiting to show off their Windows 8 gadgets on these pages. It absolutely is in my best financial interest for this product to be successful. Having said that, my review is 100% independent because I own many sites and this is by no means my only (or even main) source of revenue. This is just one of my businesses.

Technology wise, I know my stuff

I have an extensive technology background (see bio) and have covered this product in detail for almost 3 years. I have a little bit of a clue about this product and Microsoft. In addition, I have pretty good relationships with internal Microsoft sources and most of the relevant tech bloggers that matter. I am very well informed about Windows 8 and Microsoft.

Marketing wise, I know my stuff

Apart from having a college degree in information systems and marketing, I have been an online marketer for almost 10 years. I have started multiple successful online businesses and currently advise clients on web strategy. I have a pretty good idea of how to sell technology related ideas and concepts. I can also tell when something is REALLY bad from a marketing perspective. and finally,

I am not affiliated with any major technology company

I am an entrepreneur and work for myself. Since I don’t work for a large media company, I am not muzzled in anyway and am free to tell you the truth 100% as I see it. Nobody owns and controls my opinion. Those are my disclaimers and you are now (hopefully) armed with the context for my review. I’m going to start with what I believe is the Microsoft vision for Windows 8.

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