Windows 8 Final Review Part 5 – What Microsoft got wrong in Windows 8 – The Usual Suspects

we all complained about before. –


It’s jarring to go back and forth between Metro and the desktop app. It’s also not immediately intuitive. You can slide menus from literally every side of the screen. Menus from the top and bottom, charms from the right and snap from the left. There will be a serious learning curve.

Start Menu is gone

It’s not coming back. Not going to happen. I get it. I still think that this will be the source of grief for a while. The desktop app is totally neutered without the Start Menu. This will make a lot of people feel like they dont have a choice. Not a good way to feel.

Startup Choice

You have to start into Metro and don’t have the option to boot into desktop. Not good. Once again, you can’t force the future onto your customers but you can try I guess.


Depending on the comptetence of your hardware, your Windows 8 experience will vary. I have an ExoPC tablet that has been a disaster with Windows 8 and I have an older laptop that has worked great. I know this is designed for all hardware but expect conflicting user narratives regarding their experiences.

The case for Touch on a laptop or desktop

I still dont see it. Tablet only please.

Metro Abuse

See the previous article No need to go into a lot of detail with these. Most of us have spoken about these issues publicly and privately. After all the good and the bad, how do I feel about Windows 8? Lets get to the summary.

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