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clearTREND™ is a cutting edge investment research app developed to help keep your portfolio on the right side of the market. Available for both desktop and mobile devices, clearTREND™ analyzes price movements for a nearly endless number of investment securities including ETFs, mutual funds, individual stocks and market indexes. clearTREND™ calculates which time periods are best to consider when making investment decisions, and recommends timely adjustments to your investments when those trends have turned. Powerful, intelligent, and easy-to-use!


Analyzes price trends for nearly any mutual fund, stock, exchange traded fund (ETF), or market index. Add any new security in minutes Quickly view performance history since inception, current and previous recommendations, and previous closing security price Complete performance history for each trend combination (including every past recommendation and its outcome) Powerful optimization engine analyzes millions of possible price trends in minutes clearTREND™ continuously analyzes each security for trend changes, and notifies you via email alert and alert icon on portfolio page Complete security detail pane, including confidence rating, best/worst historical outcome, cutting-edge timeline feature, and comparison to buy & hold strategy Also includes total number of past recommendations and total cumulative return for any time period Shows any projected recommendation changes within the next 10 days Enable/disable shorting and half-position feature for each security View total number of successful growth optimizations found Easily view past calendar-year performance for each security Easily view and compare maximum historic drawdown (loss) for both buy & hold and clearTREND™ recommendations Search complete clearTREND™ Security Library for investment ideas
  • Link to:  clearTREND
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Finance
  • Age Rating:  12+
  • Developer:  Skyline Technologies

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