Windows 8 for Dummies – for Free

page. The book is written by Andy Rathbone, author of several other computer-related Dummies books, which have sold over 4 million copies worldwide (I guess there are quite a few dummies out there). And this is not one of those trick freebies, where you’ll be supplying them with your credit card information, and being billed $50 per month afterwards for some obscure service buried in the depths of the fine print. While you do need to fill out a small form, no billing information of any kind is required, and you’re free to download the e-book afterwards. The 147-page book gives you detailed information on the inner workings of Windows 8, no matter the device you’re running it on. It includes several color pictures and screenshots as well. While not the most in-depth book you’re likely to find on Windows 8, it will prove a handy reference guide for most casual computer users. And did I mention it’s free? I probably did, but I’d like to emphasize that point, because free stuff is good, and it’s free, and that’s good. If you’re looking for more comprehensive (but not free) books on the topic of Windows 8, there are several options available, including Windows 8 All-in-One for Dummies, and Windows 8 Application Development with HTML5 for Dummies, which may be one of the least inspiring book titles since the famous This Book is Really Stupid and Boring: Don’t Read It (not a real book, don’t look it up). Will you download this free Windows 8 book? Or would you rather explore the new OS on your own?]]>

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