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KubiSolitaire is a variant of the popular Klondike Solitaire card game. It offers an easy and intuitive user interface combining the traditional solitaire gaming options with new interesting features of Windows 8. You can choose between the following gaming options: • Draw one or three cards • Scoring: none, games, standard, or Vegas • Standard scoring with or without a timer • Use standard or individual passes limitation • Use accumulated scoring or not • Tune the volume of each game sound individually or play silently You may also set up your favorite game appearance by choosing: • The background color of the gaming table • One of 4 different card face types • One of 9 card backs, 6 of them contain a photo frame • Insert your favorite picture in the photo frame of a card back Utilize the app commands and settings to optimize your gaming cycles: • Start a new game • Unlimited undo and redo • Automatic finishing • Restart current game • Animated game replay forward and backward • Save and load games • Use local or roaming game status • Tune animation speed or disable them at all You can play in portrait or landscape orientation. In landscape orientation, the gaming table is extended automatically when a card pile exceeds the screen. In this case, you can either scroll the table or you can magnify a single pile to show all cards of that pile. You may leave the app at any time and continue the interrupted game later. This is possible even on another device if you have enabled roaming and if you are using the same Windows ID on each device. In the comprehensive online-help, you can find detailed information about the app features and some interesting playing hints.
  • Cost:  $1.49
  • Category:  Games > Card
  • Age Rating:  12+
  • Developer:  KubiConsult

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