Windows 8 Games – Plop!


Plop is a game with balls, literally. Have you been staring to all those jewel crushing and bubble shooting casual gaming clones for just too long? Are you getting fed up with seeing the same old three-in-a-row concept over and over? Are you ready for a fresh twist on the genre, this time with colorful balls powered by the physics themselves? Then maybe Plop! is a game for you. Plop! has been designed from the ground up to get the most fun out of the new breed of Microsoft tablets. It’s user interface is completely tuned and tweaked to deliver the best Metro experience a game can give. This allows for a great and easy-to-access casual gaming experience. Not only you, but also your children will be playing this game in no-time. The goal of the game is simple. Remove three or more connected balls of the same color. To level up, just remove the specified ball recipes for the level your in. Sounds simple? Try it and find out if you have what it takes to remove those balls. Can you achieve the master art of Plop-ing all those balls?


Physics based casual gaming Easy to play – Also for young children Tablet optimized gameplay
  • Link to:  Plop!
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Games > Puzzles
  • Age Rating:  3+
  • Developer:  Peter Vrenken

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