Windows 8 Goes Hollywood

reports that celebrity new television show Access Hollywood will partner up with Microsoft on this special event in Venice, California. Apparently, the Redmond giant will be handing out gifts (most probably Windows 8 and Surface tablets) by the truckloads. More details, including which celebrities will be making an appearance, are expected soon. The company already turned eyes when during its insanely creative Windows 8 launch event in New York City’s Times Square back in October, and since then we have been getting a regular serving of marketing material from the Windows vendor. The Surface tablet made another creative appearance on an episode of the sitcom Suburgatory. Sales of the OS have been steady, with official figures from Microsoft coming in at 40 million licenses of Windows 8 moved. But looking at the big picture, and how much the company is investing on its marketing, it is clear Microsoft is looking to establish a complete ecosystem similar to Google and Apple. Appearances on mainstream media should go a long way in placing Microsoft’s products – particularly the Surface lineup of tablets – square in public eye. And with the approaching holiday shopping season as well as pending launch of newer devices running Windows 8 next year, the company knows there is not a moment to waste. Both Windows 8 and Surface tablets will define the Microsoft of the near future. We will post whatever transpires on the show Access Hollywood on December 6 as soon as it does.]]>

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