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July 30, 2012

Meh even if it does leak it will be useless without a valid key, you wont be getting any of these loaders of anti timebombs or anti WPA cracks like with prior windows they just wont work!. The only version that will activate like windows 7 does (with the use of slic will be the server edition. Your only other option for windows 8 pro/other would be a Frankenstein build using the beta tokens. or KMS(wont happen for a very long time) So yep.. Even if it does leak your going to see a fair few unhappy bunny’s screaming for an activation patch πŸ˜› (DAZ the guy who made the loaders for w7 even said he has no interest in w8 but might make a patch but it wont be as easy as w7 is to crack and most likely the most easy way will be via KMS) Your best bet people is just wait till public release and buy the damn thing πŸ˜› so screw the leak, its the public release we want the leak wont mean squat it would be fairly useless. That has to play like music in Redmond.]]>

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