Windows 8 Has A Rather Easy Learning Curve, Says NASCAR Team Member

Much has been made how learning Windows 8 is a somewhat difficult preposition, particularly coming to grips with the Metro UI of the new operating system. Analysts have often cited this as one of the reasons for slow adaption of OS.

But then again, there are some that have made the transition without skipping a gear, proverbially speaking that is.

JTG Daugherty, for example, is another NASCAR team that has decided to use Windows 8 tablets in cars to tweak the performance of their engines. This, the team says, saves them from carrying multiple devices for collecting the data.

Matt Corey, the team’s IT administrator said in an interview with InformationWeek that moving to Windows 8 is not as difficult as has made out to be. Features like cloud access and note sharing options make it a whole lot easier to work on performance tuning:

“Sometimes they communicate by tapping in notes, sometimes using a stylus to draw, or sometimes using the tablet’s camera to take a picture. Adapting to Windows 8 went a lot smoother than expected.”

Corey however added that some team members needed a little additional training to get used to Dell’s Latitude 10 tablets. But on the whole, the transition went as smooth as imaginable.

Windows 8 is currently installed on slightly more than 5 percent of computers worldwide, and Microsoft expects the platform to take off very soon as it gears up to launch Windows 8.1, the first ever upgrade to the operating system.

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