Windows 8 immersive UI

An immersive app is one where the navigational elements of the operating system take a back seat to the application itself. Think about the difference between the New York Times iPad app and the New York Times Web site on the iPad. The first of these is an example of an immersive app, while the second is simply a Web experience. With an immersive app, all the UI controls for a particular app look and feel like native shell inside the app. In other words, a user is “immersed” in the app that s/he is running at any given time. Immersive apps, from a developer standpoint, are those which will conform to the new Windows App Model that will be built into Windows 8. Immersive apps will adhere to Windows 8’s conventions around registration, package composition and software state. These kinds of apps will run in the Windows 8 “LowBox,” which is the new Windows 8 security sandbox, I’ve heard. Apparently, there is a new immersive version of Internet Explorer 9 that looks and works like Windows Phone’s IE mobile.. Interesting development… Source 1 Source 2 Update: Here is the picture they attached of the tiled immersive IE Immersive leak]]>

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