Windows 8 includes updated Powershell

  • Add-AppxPackage
  • Get-AppxPackage
  • Get-AppxPackageManifest
  • Remove-AppxPackage
  • The cmdlets are basic at this stage and simply allow administrators to deploy and remove AppX applications alongside listing their properties. Microsoft appears to be altering the main method of deploying and installing AppX packages in Windows 8. “InstallAppX.exe is being depreciated,” reads a warning. “It will be removed from the product on or about 4/22.” Microsoft recommends that developers switch to MakeAppX.exe and the new Powershell AppX module. Microsoft’s new Powershell 3 version appears to include all the typical modules and cmdlets from previous versions. It’s not clear what enhancements have been made to Powershell 3.0 at this stage and there’s no release notes or support documentation that reveals any additional features from the 2.0 version. Source]]>

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