Windows 8 Is A Hit With Steam Users

November survey of the gaming platform shows. The 64 bit version of Windows 7 is still the top dog here, just like in many other places. But the premier operating system saw a 0.74% decline for the month of November. And the two versions of Windows 8 are slowly ascending their way through the table cells. In fact, Windows 8 has already overtaken the Mac OS X on Steam. The 4.69% combined share of Windows 8 puts it way ahead of similar aggregates over at places like StatCounter and Net Applications, and their latest figures of 1.44% and 1.09%. An almost four times increase, you say? This may not be surprising news when you consider that gamers usually are at the cutting edge of technology, and one of the first to make the jump to newer upgrades. And besides, as most benchmarks show, Windows 8 performs ever so slightly better than older version of Windows. And ever so slightly in this case could mean a precious few extra frames per seconds. This goes against the general censuses that Windows 8 was suffering from slow adaption from technology enthusiasts. Most circles expected casual users to make the move to the new OS first. It’s safe to assume that Valve founder Gabe Newell is not the biggest fan of Windows 8. In fact, he practically does not care for it at all if his interviews are something to go by. Nevertheless, despite his protests against Microsoft’s newest platform, Windows 8 is still a big hit with Steam users. Weird world we live in, eh?]]>

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