Windows 8 Is Now The Fourth Most Popular OS Worldwide

The recent trend of Windows XP dropping market share and Windows 8 gaining it continued during the past week, finally placing Windows 8 as the fourth most popular operating system worldwide.

It was within touching (or should I say striking) distance last week, but now Windows 8 has finally surpassed Appleā€™s OS X Mountain Lion in market share. With this, all four spots are now occupied by versions of Windows operating system.

Next stop: The friendly neighborhood Windows Vista.

The latest figures from Net Applications for the week of Jan 20, 2013 show that while OS X 10.8 still has a 2.42 percent share, the combined total of Windows 8 (2.35 percent) and Windows 8 Touch (0.09 percent) do enough to bump it overall to 2.44 percent. Whew!

Windows 7 came in at 45.49 percent and Windows XP was flying at 38.59 percent.

Microsoft very recently claimed that around 90 percent of Windows XP users expressed their intention of moving to an upgraded version, which Redmond hopes will be Windows 8.

Either way, the company wants the bulk of the transition to be completed before April 2014, the date it has marked as the end of extended support for the 11 year old operating system.

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