Windows 8 Is Twice As Fast As Windows XP On A Seven Year Old Laptop

Need proof? We’ve got a video below. Anyway, call it better optimization, finer coding, or improved compatibility and synchronization with hardware. Of course, you can also say that Microsoft woke up and decided that operating systems out to be as light and agile as possible.

Whatever the reason, gone are the days of resource intensive (and buggy) operating systems!

Sure, Windows Vista was a tad clumsy in this regard, but Windows 7 was a sight for sore eyes, when it came to performance. It always compared favorably against the rapid old Windows XP.

Windows 8 continues this trend. A new report by software architect and Microsoft MVP, Troy Hunt shows that Redmond’s latest is pretty much twice as fast as Windows XP on a 7-year old laptop.

He ran the tests on a Lenovo T60 notebook that was released back in 2006. The machine is powered by a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo CPU, 1GB RAM and a 7,200 RPM hard disk. In a blog post he confirmed:

“I mean I know there’s this unwritten law that newer software requires more resources but my experience with Windows 8 has always been that’s it’s (sic) way faster certainly than Windows 7 was on the same hardware, but it’s my recollection that XP was never really as snappy as 8 is now on any hardware.”

Some highlights from the performance test are listed below for those that cannot or do not want to watch the lengthy video — but for those who want to see it with their own eyes, here it is:

Windows 8 installed in only 24 minutes and 55 seconds, compared to 26 minutes and 12 seconds for Windows XP to set things up. I say only, because the difference between file sizes of both OS is massive. When it comes to booting up, Windows 8 takes 6 seconds, which is much faster than XP’s 17 seconds.

Opening a Word and a PDF document takes roughly 3.4 seconds for the latest OS, while Windows XP does the same in 4.3 and 2.8 seconds respectively.

A Photoshop file required a 16.5 loading time on Windows 8, and XP had to contend with a much slower mark of 41.5 seconds. Speaking of marks, the PassMark Performance Test benchmark bought Windows 8 a score of 407.5 points — XP had to make do with 356.5 points on the same hardware.

Moral of the story? Windows 8 is a much fleeter operating system than Windows XP, meaning people can try it out on older hardware without worrying too much about performance issues. Just the way it should be, if you ask me.

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