Windows 8: Kill a virus, but keep your personal data

Viruses, unfortunately, often force users to restore their machines to the factory settings, a painful process that involves loss of applications and personal data.

Microsoft, however, is working on a new reset option that will retain files and personalisation settings while giving users an easy way to reinstall applications.

In one of the scenarios detailed in Microsoft slide decks, a user named ‘Jon’ decides to reset his Windows 8 PC.

“Jon notices that his Windows 8 PC is starting to perform poorly and he can’t figure out what to do,” the slide says.

“He presses the reset button and chooses to reset his windows 8 PC. … knowing that all his stuff is safe. Windows 8 automatically retains files and personalisation settings, and migrates the user accounts.

Windows is restored to the factory image and restarts.

After restarting Jon can launch the App Store to reinstall applications he purchased there and see a list of other applications that he had installed outside of the App Store.”

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