Windows 8 Market Share Ever So Slightly Up In February

Microsoft’s latest PC operating system continued its slow march to the top, as it made some slight gains in its operating system market share in February. But it is still shy of the 3 percent mark.

Windows 8 was installed on 2.79 percent of all PCs last month, worldwide, good enough for a fifth position in the list. This obviously is the overall share of the new OS.

Latest statistics collected by Net Applications for the month of February 2013 show that Windows 7 is still the top operating system in the world with a market share of 44.55 percent, and Windows XP was close on its heels with 38.99 percent.

The dreaded old Windows Vista maintained its share with 5.17 percent.

As you may recall Windows 8 was hovering around 2.26 percent in January 2013 and that has increased to 2.67. Net Applications actually breaks down Windows 8 in three parts — Windows 8, Windows 8 Touch and Windows RT Touch.

New numbers put Windows 8 at 2.67 percent, Windows 8 Touch at 0.10 percent, and Windows RT Touch is hovering around in the depths of 0.02 percent.

So how do the numbers add up? Windows 8 has been on the store shelves for almost four months now, and most of the special promotions Microsoft had put forward for the new OS have also ended. For all intents and purposes, Windows 8 is now on its own.

How it will move in ranking from here on will be interesting, and a lot will depend on what new hardware devices PC vendors put out.

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