Windows 8 May Inspire The Upcoming Xbox Console

Windows 8 is more than just an operating system. The changes Microsoft has made are deep and resounding enough that the Metro user interface with Live Tiles can be labeled as a design philosophy.

And this design philosophy is, undoubtedly, going to be a large part of whatever the Redmond technology company creates in the near and foreseeable future — everything from smartphones to gaming consoles.

In fact, Windows 8 could very well inspire the next Xbox console.

According to Joachim Kempin, a former Microsoft executive, the latest Microsoft OS may influence the Xbox 720 (or whatever the company decides to call it). Talking to IGN, Kempin said:

“I think the other thing they will try. There’s no doubt about it, is it’s going to be more Windows 8-like; maybe it even gets a touchscreen, who knows? Most of what’s in there today really is Windows, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if the next round of interface comes even closer to Windows 8 than it is today.”

He did not quite go into absolute specifics, but my guess is that Live Tiles could make an entry, along with touchscreen capabilities in some shape or form.

Microsoft, as usual, is as quite as a mouse (and no, I do not mean the computer one) and keeping everything secret as far as the next Xbox is concerned. It remains to be seen how much of a mark Microsoft’s latest OS (or should I say platform) makes on future products.

And yes, as you can see I finally used the screenshot so very graciously donated by our valued reader, Robert Trance here. No better time than this time, I say.

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