Windows 8 Metro Changes Include Ability To Use Gestures For Closing Apps

tablet gestures[/caption] Windows 8’s pre-Beta has certainly proven to be a solid experience all around. Like I’ve noted in several different blog posts, it still isn’t without its flaws. Previously I listed an article detailing the quirks that I found with the way that Windows Developer Preview handled certain features. When its comes to Metro apps, we are certainly lacking on great choices right now. This really isn’t to be unexpected considering the Marketplace for Metro apps isn’t even out yet. What we do have is a few interesting games, an RSS Feed app, and Internet Explorer. So what do we hope to see in Windows 8 BETA? Hopefully a preview of the Marketplace, but even the included apps need to be changed. I honestly would like to see an included Mail app, an integrated Zune (or Windows Media) app, and a launcher from Metro that allows you to boot directly in Windows Media Player. Will Zune features, Mail, and other features that I dream of end up in the Beta or even the full version at all? Even if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t be shocked if 3rd party apps fill in the blanks for whatever Microsoft misses. Later today Microsoft will be showing off the marketplace in a special conference, and hopefully this means that we will soon have more to report about what kind of apps Microsoft is aiming for. Beyond the apps, we do know that Microsoft is planning a few changes for Metro in the Beta. I’ve previously discussed that customization of colors and backgrounds will exist in Metro, which is certainly a nice touch. One feature that seems trivial but is actually a major one to me at least, is the ability to properly close apps. In Windows Metro the only real way to close out apps is through the task manager. According to Microsoft, the apps in Metro don’t necessarily need to be closed because they use technology like automatic suspension to keep resources down when they aren’t in use. For those with faster machines this is likely true, but with slower machines closing apps just makes more sense. Additionally for those that are used to traditional desktop interfaces, having a way to close apps just makes sense. The new way to close apps will be down through the use of gesture support to close them out. While we will never see this feature in the Developer Preview, it is more than likely that it will arrive in Windows 8 Beta. What do you think about the idea of a convenient way to close apps through gestures? For those that have used Windows Developer Preview, what did you think about the app ‘suspension’ capabilities in Windows 8 Metro? Did it bother you not having the apps properly close? Windows 8 Update’s own Onuora Amobi will be in attendance at the upcoming CES, which is when we hope to see a preview of the actual Beta and other Windows 8-related features. Stay tuned in the next few months to see plenty of new features announced, like this gesture app closing system. So overall what do you think? Looking forward to CES 2012? I can certainly say I am! Check out this video below to get a look at the gesture-close system up close:  ]]>

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