Windows 8 – More precise installation options

While the installation of Windows (Windows 7 at least) has gotten exponentially easier it could still be a little bit easier.

Today, when you install Windows 7, you can start the process, walk away, come back in 25 minutes to a new, completed install of the OS.

The problem is that the generic build has a lot of things that you as a user might not necessarily need.

It would be nice if Windows 8 acquired a little more detail from you on how you planned to use your computer and then did a custom install tailored for that use.

For instance, if you plan to use your computer primarily for office and productivity purposes, the PC should probably be configured to run Microsoft Office and similar apps really quickly as opposed to being configured to run Direct X and game drivers as well.

The running theme of these comments and suggestions seem to be the need for speed.

The average user wants to get on quickly, have a speedy experience and be able to get off easily as well.

Hopefully the Windows 8 experience will be close to that experience…

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