Windows 8 Music and Video – I Love Music

October 12, 2012


“I Love Music”, a revolutionary player made by a French teenager ! With this app, you can listen to music and discover new artists that you would like, easier than ever. You will get instantaneously the upcoming shows of your favorite artists, read the lyrics of their songs, enjoy awesome pictures, and say that you like it on your social networks. Buy a ticket for a show has never been as fast as before. This is a new generation of music player. Try it now !


Listen to your music Discover new artists that you would like See artist details with pictures and save your favorites in the Pictures library See the biography Enjoy the beautiful ModernUI Style while you’re listening to music Buy tickets Semantic zoom support A lot of new features are coming soon
  • Link to:  I Love Music
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Music and Video > Music
  • Age Rating:  16+
  • Developer:  Starfield Apps

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