Windows 8 Now The Fifth Most Popular Operating System In The World

Microsoft’s latest and greatest may not have started with as big a bang as Redmond may have hoped, but it is slowly but surely finding its way on computers the world over.

The most current statistics from Net Applications reveal that Windows 8 finally crossed the 2 percent mark in the first week of January, and now commands a 2.06 percent market share.

While this may not seem particularly imposing, this is still enough to make Windows 8 the fifth most popular OS in the world, and getting close to Apple’s Mac OS X 10.8, which currently holds a market share of 2.37 percent. All going well

Windows 7 started the New Year as a clear leader with an impressive 45.15 percent share, and the 11-year old stalwart, Windows XP, is still at 39.08 percent.

A certain OS that goes by the name of Windows Vista occupies the third place with 5.10 percent, and Windows 8 has eyes on for that position as it looks to go past Mac OS X 10.8 in the coming weeks.

Microsoft recently boasted figures of 60 million licenses sold for Windows 8, but it is apparent a lot of people just bought the licenses to make the most of the upgrade offer the company had put up.

Surely, a lot of those licenses were snapped up by businesses as well. Most will make the jump in the near future as Windows 8 finds its feet and any security gaps are taken care of.

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