Windows 8 OEM Prices Reportedly Set For A Slash

The lack of Windows 8 devices available in the market is often cited as one of the reasons for the slow pick up of Microsoft’s new operating system, and according to reports, Redmond is set to change just that ahead.

The company is apparently ready to launch a new discount campaign for OEMs in its bid to boost the number of devices that run Windows 8.

According to Digitimes, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) rates for Windows 8 Pro currently amount to anywhere between $80 to $90 per license. This very obviously has an effect on the final prices of these devices.

Microsoft plans to cut the price of the operating system to make the devices more affordable.

The latest is that notebooks below the screen size of 11.6-inch are set to get a discount of $20. And laptops, tablets and hybrids that feature displays smaller than 10.8-inch will get the same $20 discount along with a free license of Office 2013.

This, quite clearly, is a strategy to attract a bigger number of clients to shift towards Windows 8.

Acer and Asustek are said to benefit the most from this discounted pricing, as both companies already market 10-inch devices. A price cut like this would only make their devices more appealing.

While Redmond wills start offering discounts to manufacturers sometimes in April or May this year, touchscreen devices are said to reflect them and get cheaper staring June — just in time for the reported Windows Blue release date.

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