Windows 8 On HTC Shift?

IT Pro Portal, there are three different guides that will take you through the installation process, how to get the drivers working, and essentially everything you need to make the most out of Windows 8 on your mobile phone. This is the first of such ports on the Internet, but it wouldn’t be surprising if more of these Windows x86 phones start showing up with instructions for getting Windows 8 running onboard. Admittedly running Windows 8 on a phone is pretty cool, but x86 phones are bulky, loud, and not the most mobile of mobile solutions. The real excitement will start when Windows 8 for ARM arrives we will start seeing real Windows mobile phones getting the port treatment. Imagine finding a way to get an older Windows 6 Mobile (or phone 7) phone running 8, that would certainly be something worth seeing. Until then, all we have is the x86 version of Windows 8 and so we are limited on the ports we will see. What do you think of x86 phones running Windows 8? Is it worth the effort to get this kind of project going or are x86 phones just too bulky? I personally am considering buying an older x86 project phone or maybe one from China and trying a project like this, but I’m someone who likes to tinker around. For those looking for a useable Windows 8 experience on a phone? It probably is better to wait for the arrival of ARM beta or perhaps a real announcement from Microsoft.]]>

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