Windows 8 on sale at Office Max for $29.99— With a Catch

costing just $39.99, it’s hard to imagine a price lower than that. Even so, Office Max has decided to give it a try. This Black Friday it will sell the retail version of Windows 8 Pro for just $29.99— with a catch. Such an outrageously cheap price sets off a red flag when it comes to looking for a catch. In this case, you are ACTUALLY paying $59.99 for Windows 8 over at Office Max, but the good news is that they will give you $30 in Office Max Bonus Rewards, which can be used in the store to buy other stuff. While this is a pretty cool deal, it really is only useful for those that like Office Max and shop there enough to take advantage of the $30 bonus points. If you don’t live near one or prefer other retailers for your office supply and electronic needs, you might be better off avoiding this ‘deal’. Any other Windows 8-related deals through Office Max? Quite a few actually. Some of the deals include a Windows 8 Toshiba Satellite laptop that is regularly marked at $399.99 going for $250. Other promotions include several desktops and an all-in-one HP Pavilion that is only $449.99— down from $599.99. The great thing about the Thanksgiving season in the United States is that it means great deals and promotions are just around the corner with Black Friday. Don’t be surprised to see many similar Windows 8-related deals from other major retailers in the US as well. The bad news is that supplies are usually INCREDIBLY limited and require you to wait in massive lines and fight your way to the top just to save anywhere from $10-$200 on various electronic products. Whether this is worth the savings is up to you. Anyone interested in this Office Depot Windows 8 promotion? More details from the ad can be seen from a full scan at]]>

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