Windows 8 on the TV and Xbox– Why it Could Be A Good Move.

Windows 8 opens up the door to a unified MS ecosystem that allows them to go anywhere and everywhere with ease. That’s the key. Microsoft is starting a bit smaller here. We’ve seen a Metro/Modern-like interface hit the Xbox 360 a while back. Now they are tackling tablets and trying to get desktop and laptop users to embrace the change. I truly believe that the really cool stuff won’t arrive until 2013 and beyond. The change in UI will open doors, that much is clear. Modern is very easy to navigate whether with a mouse, touch, a remote or a gamepad. It’s programming language and apps play nice with ARM and x86 processors. This could be the perfect UI for television and gaming in the future. Imagine Windows 8’s modern UI running a customized Xbox shell with the next Xbox. This isn’t anything that new, and has been discussed here in the past. Taking it a step further though, what if all Windows 8 apps (not desktop apps though)– including the Windows Store— worked out of the box with the next Xbox? The only difference between the Xbox 3 and a Windows 8 standard device would be a special Xbox games layer/API that allowed exclusive Xbox-only games to launch within the Modern UI. The same idea could be extended to Television. Why buy a theater PC when you can get a TV that includes a full Windows RT experience right out of the box? All your favorite Windows 8 apps and the store would work fine. The idea of putting the Xbox in the living room isn’t new, but what if you can simply put Windows 8 in the living room instead– whether it is built into a TV, game system, desktop or tablet wouldn’t matter. This kind of unified ecosystem could drive Microsoft into the future with ease. It will no longer be about Xbox, or Windows, they will essentially be the same thing at the core. Is it going to happen? I’m no fortune teller. I’d love to see Win8 TV, Win8 Xbox and Win8 everything. It makes sense and it means minimal to no learning curve for all devices and products made and associated with Microsoft. The idea sounds like it has potential, but sometimes things that seem like good ideas turn out to work poorly when actually implemented. Is Windows 8 flexible enough for such a diverse line of products? Maybe instead Windows 8 is to test the waters? If Microsoft shed all Windows legacy (desktop) code in Windows 9 (or at least Windows 9 RT) it might be even easier to create such a broad spectrum of products that all utilize Windows under the hood. Good idea or not? Do you think that Microsoft could eventually leverage Windows and the new UI to move its way into television, gaming and beyond?]]>

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