Windows 8 one of the 10 technologies that will define 2011?

How do they figure?

Digital Trends just released this article about the top 10 technologies that will define 2011. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they think this makes sense.

This assumes we will find out a heck of a lot about Windows 8 this year.

Their quote:

Yes, I know most of us just got Windows 7, but in 2011, we will start getting ready for Windows 8. Right now, we don’t yet know that much about the platform, other than it is designed to run against products like the iPhone and ChromeOS.

This will undoubtedly be as big a rethink of the Windows platform as Windows Phone 7 was of Windows Mobile. Expect sweeping changes of the user interface, an even bigger diet than Windows 7 got, and just a little bit of magic, because this round Microsoft has some marketing people in the mix, and that typically means less “what were they thinking” and more “oh wow.”

What do you guys think?

Will Windows 8 help define 2011?

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