Windows 8 Overtakes Windows XP In Latest Steam Statistics

While numbers from other sources show that Windows 8 had a slow month in February, one area where the new OS seems to be kicking into high gear is with gamers around the world.

In fact, the latest Steam data shows that Windows 8 is quickly increasing its market share, and has grown enough in the past few weeks that it has overtaken a certain 11 year-year-old operating system from the company.

Yup, I am talking about Windows XP.

According to Steam figures, Windows 8 tallied a combined market share of 9.63 percent in February, while Windows XP recorded a slight decrease in the same period to fall down to 9.33 percent.

Of course, no comparisons yet with the 64-bit version of Windows 7, which remains the de facto leader of the pack with a market share of 55.48 among Steam users. The32-bit version of the OS comes in at 13.83 percent.

Mac OS X 10.8 remains in its familiar territory of 1.71 percent, while Ubuntu 12.10 (the Linux flavor that has been getting some serious push by the gaming platform) only managed a 0.71 percent share.

All said and done, Windows 8 is an even more efficient at managing hardware and system resources than all previous versions of the OS. And no surprises here, considering how optimized the latest operating system is.

And the thing with PC gamers is that most hardcore ones want to drain the last ounce of performance from their computers. Hence, the fast adaption rate of Windows 8 in this demographic makes sense.

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