Windows 8 Patch Tuesday could prepare the Surface for it's "next step", says MS_Nerd

rumored 14-inch model, though I’m not sure what software would have to do with it. It could be about changing things in the background to prepare for next year’s “Blue Update” as well. The idea is that these critical changes might be needed before Microsoft can do the big push it wants to do with the Surface next year. Honestly, we have no clue. There is also the possibility that MS_Nerd is just talking to talk. Some of his leaks have been spot on, others haven’t been. As far as the updates to services? This seems very likely and not at all a surprise. From Office 365 to others, there are plenty of updates that this could be talking about. We’ll keep our readers posted as soon as we learn what exactly is coming with the Patch Tuesday upgrades for Windows 8 and RT. In the meantime, any guesses as to what MS_Nerd could be alluding to in this update? [ source ]]]>

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